BIOM * 4030 – Endocrine Physiology W (3-0) [0.50]

The course is designed to provide a senior level introduction to the endocrine discipline, focusing largely on mammals, with some examples taken from other vertebrate taxa. The course will give an introduction to the historical developments in the discipline, explore the actions of hormones and other chemical signalling pathways, and examine processes of hormone synthesis and secretion. The focus of the course will be the integrative nature of hormone actions in the regulations of various physiological processes in animal systems, such as metabolic control, growth, and reproduction. The course will also explore aspects of ‘non-classical’ endocrinology, endocrine dysfunctional states and emerging environmental concerns related to endocrine dysfunction.

Posted By : Dee
Posted On : December 10, 2013

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Professor : Maclusky

Comment :
This course sounds a lot more intimidating than it is. Maclusky posts up about 70 slides per topic and he lectures quite fast. However once you see the midterm questions, you realize going to class is a complete waste of time unless you like to hear him talk-he's a great lecturer. THe exams (take home assignments!) are case study questions which you must answer using literature. You have a 4 page, double spaced limit. Without even filling up the four pages for any question, I got an 87 on the midterm. The presentations are easy. He doesn't mark it on you ability to answer questions from the class or your time limit. The final isn't any harder than the midterm. An easy 85+. Unfortunately, Maclusky is not teaching it in W 2014.
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