BIOM * 4180 – Cardiology W (3-0) [0.50]

This course will explore the concepts and principles of normal heart function, with a focus on the molecular and cellular basis of cardiac physiology. These elements will be further developed by examining changes that occur in a range of cardiovascular diseases and conditions.

Posted By : Anon
Posted On : April 8, 2014

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
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Professor : Glen Pyle

Comment :
Great class, pain in the butt at times but I would take it over again if I had to. 3 midterms (45%) with the option to drop 1 In class quizzes (5%) designed to be an easy 100% Twitter participation and article (15%) tweets about cardio news (5%) and write a summary of one of the news items (10%) very easy. Wiki article (10%) very easy. Youtube video (25%) 1-2 min easy. Overall, great class great prof! Requires some effort but its rewarded with high grades Class average last year was 84 and will probably be similar for the semester (W14).
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