BIOM * 3000 – Functional Mammalian Neuroanatomy W (3-2) [0.50]

The main objective of the course is to understand the functional organization of the mammalian nervous system. It includes a review of the major cell types found in the nervous system and an overview of the basic physiological principles of brain function followed by a detailed three dimensional and histological examination of the mammalian brain and spinal cord. Emphasis is placed on understanding the relationship between anatomy, physiology and behaviour.

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Posted On : April 10, 2013

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Professor : Dr. Rodriguez Moncalvo

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Great, engaging professor and TA. She is really kind and really wants you to do well. Unfortunately, the way the course is set up, it's really hard to do well. There is a LOT of material, and it's impossible to know it all. Weighting: 20% midterm, 15% for two presentations, 15% lab final, 50% written final. Doesn't make sense for the final to be worth so much. Nobody did well on the lab exam. The professor usually lectures past the 50 allotted minutes. I liked the prof but the class is way harder than it should be, comparing it to other 3rd year bio courses. If you are really interested in the brain and don't care about your mark, take this class. If you want to get higher than an 80 in it, steer clear.
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