ENGL * 3940 – Seminar: Form, Genre, and Literary Value F,W (3-0) [0.50]

This seminar focuses on textual conventions such as form, style, and genre as they inform the interaction between reader and text. The impact of these conventions on the processes of literary production, reception, the production of meaning, and the assessment of literary value will be explored in relation to a limited number of literary works. (Choice of focus and texts to be determined by individual instructors.) Writing- and presentation-intensive course.

Posted By : desia
Posted On : July 17, 2013

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Professor : Elleray

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If you've got the chance to take this course will Elleray, do it! We only had 2 texts (Fingersmith and Woman in White), both which were neo-Victorian and both of which were FANTASTIC. Not a boring read because Michelle understands that SHE has to read along too - so why bore herself and us? Very good feedback on the essays, and just an all-round fun course. Very chill and never boring. Best way to keep the ball rolling is to play off of one another! Hope you've got a chatty class, or things will go dry quickly.
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