ENGG * 3390 – Signal Processing F (3-2) [0.50]

This course will establish the fundamental analysis and design techniques for signal processing systems. Topics covered include: definition and properties of linear time-invariant systems; impulse response and convolution; continuous-time Laplace transform, Fourier series, Fourier transform; discrete-time Fourier transform, discrete-time Fourier series, fast Fourier transform, Z transform; complex frequency response; filter analysis and design for both continuous and discrete time systems. Students will be able to design continuous-time filters and both design and implement discrete-time digital filters using computer-based tools.

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Posted On : December 19, 2015

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Professor : Dony

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I took this course in F15 with Dony. It started out well, as a review of systems ENGG*2400, but quickly got much more theoretical and complex. The midterm was fairly easy and the class average was in the high 60\'s. The labs in this course were below average. They featured pre-lab components and coding in Matlab and C to filter audio signals. The labs were not particularly difficult, but there was very little guidance, yet they were marked very easily. The final exam (50%) was open book, but it was the hardest final I\'ve ever written in my life. Most of the questions on the final he never went over in class, and almost everybody agreed that they failed the final. Dony needs to do more examples in lecture, and possibly post previous finals and midterms. Good luck!
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