ENGG * 3240 – Engineering Economics F (3-0) [0.50]

Principles of project evaluation; analysis of capital and operating costs of engineering alternatives, benefit-cost ratio; break-even studies, evaluations recognizing risk, replacement and retirement of assets; tax considerations, influence of sources of funds.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : December 22, 2016

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
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Professor : Moussa

Comment :
This course is actually pretty tough and also boring. Essentially an intro business math (all math/equations) course for engineers, but it is harder than expected. Don\'t fall behind in this course just because it seems easy, its really not, and the material is dry and hard to catch up on. All marks come from 2 midterms and one final, so there is not much room for error. Try to do well on the first midterm or else you\'ll be stressing to catch up the rest of the term. Lectures were ok, examples were good, but could use a bit of improvements. It was strange that sometimes she went through simple examples slower and in more detail than the harder material. The worst was when she would present one long question to the class, and instead of taking it up on the projector, she would go around and help people individually. This made no sense and would leave the vast majority of the class just sitting there, it would be so much more efficient to take it up with the whole class. This course differs from a bunch of engineering/math courses since they don\'t really use the part-mark system on tests. If you mess up the first part of the question, they will be happy to give you 0 or 1 marks on the question even if you follow the process. When going for a regrade, make sure they actually made a mistake, if youre going just to scavenge marks they will know and point out that you had no clue how to solve the question. Average of the midterms was about 66%. This course\'s theory is honestly tricky and gave me the most trouble out of any course in the fall semester, don\'t take it too lightly.
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