CIS * 3700 – Introduction to Intelligent Systems W (3-1) [0.50]

This course covers the core topics of Artificial Intelligence, namely: agents and environment, search, knowledge representation, reasoning, and learning. The last 3 topics are covered using logic as the common formalism for coherence. The course introduces a broad range of basic concepts, terminology, and applications, in addition to providing some specific, widely applicable methodologies.

Posted By : Justin Wolting
Posted On : August 7, 2012

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Did the student enjoy the professor? Yes
Professor : Dr. Yang Xiang

Comment :
This course is a wonderful introduction to Artificial Intelligence. The content is interesting and is fairly challenging without being frustrating or unfair. The instructor really emphasizes obtaining a deep understanding of all the major concepts, and putting in the extra effort to get this deep understanding truly pays off. The assignments are a combination of both written and programming, and are extremely fair. Both parts can be completed just with lecture material and very rarely requires outside material. The programming assignments start easy but by the end become much more involved, and require a fairly good grasp of Object Oriented Principles in order to be properly completed. I certainly recommend this course to every computer science student looking for an interesting course on a very relevant topic in computer science.
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