AGR * 4450 – Research Project I S,F,W (0-12) [1.00]

Independent study of a current topic in agricultural or environmental science designed to encourage senior undergraduates to conduct research. The course includes participation in meetings organized by the coordinator, work with a faculty advisor to develop a research project, formulate hypotheses, design and carry out preliminary experiments to test the hypotheses. Students will carry out independent library research, begin experimental work, prepare a written report and make a presentation to other students in the course of the research plan and preliminary results. Students must make arrangements with both the faculty supervisor and the course coordinator at least one semester before starting the course. Open to students in semesters 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the B.SC. (Agr.) or B.Sc. degree program. This course will normally be followed by AGR 4460 to provide 2 semesters to complete the research project.

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