ZOO * 4950 – Lab Studies in Mammalogy W (0-3) [0.25]

This course provides a practical experience in the study of Mammalogy. Using University collections of prepared and preserved specimens and field observations where possible, students will develop and apply skills in identification and sampling, explore relations between species diversity and habitat, and investigate through guided study, the extent of anatomical, skeletal, reproductive and morphological variation and its functional and evolutionary causes.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : April 13, 2017

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
Did the student enjoy the professor? No
Professor : Leslie Rye

Comment :
Probably the most frustrating course I have taken thus far. I wish I was just being dramatic. The first couple modules are reasonably straight forward and marks weren\'t bad, but on the last few assignments marks plummeted because of small mistakes that didn\'t have much to do with our understanding of the content. For example, out of a 2 mark question which said \"what was the area of X\" you only got one mark unless you showed your work, which nobody did, because nobody thought that in a 4th year course we were going to have to show how we calculated the area of a triangle. When we talked to the TA and professor about this and other inconsistencies with expectations not being made clear, they chose to lecture us about how in the real world not everything is going to be crystal clear. The last few assignments we didn\'t get back in time to make changes for silly things like this on the next assignments because they were already handed in. The notebook took up WAAAY to much time and again, the expectations weren\'t really clear and they use a tiered marking system so if you make a mistake on the first part you can\'t get higher than a 60 even if the rest was perfect. This was much more effort than a 0.25 credit course should have been, and the marking really seemed unfair and like they were trying to bring our marks down. I strongly recommend avoiding this course if possible.
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