ZOO * 4920 – Lab Studies in Ornithology F (0-3) [0.25]

This course provides a practical experience in the study of Ornithology. Using University collections of prepared and preserved specimens and field observations where possible, students will develop and apply skills in identification and sampling, explore relations between species diversity and habitat, and investigate, through guided study, the extent of anatomical, skeletal, reproductive and morphological variation and its functional and evolutionary causes.

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Posted On : March 4, 2013

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Professor : Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs

Comment :
This is by far the best of the Lab Studies courses. The labs are interesting and engaging, with a mix between in-lab material and field work. In addition, there are two Saturday components, the first being an all day bird watching trip to Long Point and the second being the data collection day at the ROM. It is easy to do well if you show up to lab and do the work.
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