SOC * 3340 – Education, Change and Resistance U (3-0) [0.50]

An examination of educational institutions and their relationships to other sectors of society, in particular political and economic. Topics include the nature and objectives of education, equality of opportunity, measures of educational achievement and attainment, manifest and hidden curricula, and public policy.

Posted By : Anon.
Posted On : January 30, 2014

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
Did the student enjoy the professor? No
Professor : Yugimoto

Comment :
I did not enjoy this course and dropped it by week 4 because I found the prof very frustrating. The assignments snowballed, i.e. if your presentation was in week 1, it was on assignment 1, if it was in week 6, it was one assignments 1-6 (which I thought was really unfair). He also made some sexist remarks in the first week of class which tarnished my view of him, though I don't think he did so maliciously. I really wanted to take this course and have since read the textbook on my own, but I wouldn't recommend taking a class with a prof who has to ask the class twice if he already handed something out because he can't remember.
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