SOC * 2390 – Class and Stratification U (3-0) [0.50]

An examination of the persistent bases of social inequalities such as wealth, income, power and prestige including class formation, class consciousness, political activity and social mobility.

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Posted On : March 24, 2013

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Professor : foster

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this course was the best course i have ever taken so far in university. i finished with a 85% and thought that it was really easy. very interesting. you don't even have to attend the classes because all the reading you can do at home and were really straightforward. i had to write a discussion post every week i think and each week they were interesting topics and were easy to write about. great course, and i recommend it to anyone . if you like learning about: social inequality, social justice, ethnicity, race, gender equality and about indigenous people than you will love this class!
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