SART * 3600 – Digital & Non-Silver Photography F (0-6) [0.50]

This course combines non-silver, photo-chemical and digital photographic methods as an expansion of photographic concepts introduced in SART*2610. These techniques will serve as the basis for aesthetic investigation into the formal, conceptual, technical and theoretical issues related to historic and new technologies in photographic practice.

Posted By : D'Arcy Flynn
Posted On : August 24, 2012

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Professor : Ana Cox

Comment :
This was one of the most interesting photography courses at Guelph. You get to step away from the straight-forward shoot/develop method and get to learn about alternative print processes. You'll also get to play around with the large format cameras / film. Using the 4x5" negatives is scary for a lot of students because if you mess it up you're not going to get a chance to re-shoot. The worst part about this course is getting addicted to these alternative processes and finding out just how expensive they are.
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