POPM * 4040 – Epidemiology of Food-borne Diseases F (3-0) [0.50]

This course examines the epidemiology and prevention of foodborne infections and intoxications, including those of both microbiological and chemical origin. Drawing on outbreak investigations, surveys, risk assessments, government surveillance systems and basic research, the biological, ecological, socio-economic and public health context of these diseases will be discussed.

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Posted On : December 6, 2017

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Professor : Scott McEwen

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This course is fantastic. There is no textbook, just course slides. Everything is laid out for you well, easy to follow along. Scott is super helpful and the assignments are marked fairly. I loved this course, really easy to get an 80+ in and the material is actually useful. It\'s comprised of a food diary assignment, take-home midterm, public dissemination project, town hall meeting presentation, and final exam
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