PHYS * 3080 – Energy W (3-0) [0.50]

This course covers energy resources and the production, transmission, interconversion, consumption and waste of energy in the industrial society. Emphasis is placed on environmental impact and human safety. Topics include fossil fuels, nuclear fission and fusion, wind and solar power, the hydrogen economy, and conservation strategies.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : April 24, 2017

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Professor : R. Gellert

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Unless this course is required, I suggest you stay away from it. First of all, this course SHOULD NOT be taught online. There is way too much material to go and teach yourself and even though the assignments aren\'t the hardest things, the final is very hard and it\'s added pressure when you have to pass the final to pass the course. While some of the things you learn are interesting in terms of energy conservation and efficiency, the pros don\'t outweigh the cons. The only thing good about this course is that Professor Gellert is quick on getting back to you with questions and answers. Overall, I would not recommend taking this course unless you have to, it\'s literally just creating extra work for yourself and if you do take this course, I would suggest studying for the final way in advanced.
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