NUTR * 3070 – Nutrition and Physical Activity Interventions W (3-0) [0.50]

This course examines the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated interventions to improve both nutrition and physical activity behaviours and interventions to improve physical activity behaviours of people of different ages in various settings. Various theories and models used to develop nutrition and physical activity interventions will be examined. Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition.

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Posted On : October 28, 2012

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Professor : Dr. Dwyer

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Excellent course that looks at various health behaviour theories and their application to improving physical activity and nutrition-related behaviour. You spend a lot of time reading and evaluating journal articles, and evaluation is based on a presentation, an essay, and a final exam. If you enjoyed research methods with Dr. Dwyer you will enjoy this course. If you didn't, you'll probably want to stay away.
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