NRS * 2050 – The Landscape of Scotland S (3-0) [0.50]

This course enables you to explore the Scottish landscape and its natural resources through a major research project, on any topic from geology, through forestry, agriculture, parks and recreation, to modern tourism. You will consider the relationship between the land itself, its history, and the use made of that land today. The course will emphasize recognizing relationships between the natural environment and human society and considering how we manage that relationship. (Offered through Distance Education only.)

Posted By : A.
Posted On : March 23, 2012

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Professor : Stew Hilts

Comment :
This is a great course if you want an easy grade. I took it online and it was very hands-off. No required readings or texts and grades were based on a magazine article, a major essay, and the final. You can pick pretty much any topic relating to Scotland, which makes it easy to research something you're interesting in. The prof was very lax and gave a lot of freedom.
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