MGMT*1000 Introduction to Business F (4-0) [1.00]

This course is intended for B.Comm. students in semester one. It provides students with an understanding of the evolution of forms of business organization and their role in social and economic development. The main focus is on current economic, social and environmental issues that impact business organizations and which, in turn, are impacted by business decisions. Ethical considerations and the concept of sustainability are essential components. Students develop oral and written communication skills in small seminar groups. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : October 18, 2013

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Professor : Trent Tucker

Comment :
Literally learned nothing, this course was a joke. We spent class time having guessing games for candy and he got mad when attendance started dropping. The seminars were okay but overall useless. The final exam was literally nothing about what we learned in lectures or seminar... we even had questions about how to use Excel in the final!!! The class average on the final was 40% and clearly everyone guessed. I hear the course has changed since I took it in 2011 but geez this was a bad one.
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