MBG * 3080 – Bacterial Genetics F (3-0) [0.50]

This course focuses on the genetics of prokaryotic microorganisms and their viruses. Some major topics covered are: regulation of gene expression, analysis of bacterial and phage genomes, plasmids, transposable elements, and mutation studies. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : February 9, 2014

Is the textbook recommended by the student? Yes
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Professor : Seah; Keenleyside

Comment :
The notes were very bare so reading the book to supplement would be a pretty good idea. First half with Dr. Seah was straightforward and the midterm was very fair. The second half had an unbelievable amount of content compared to the first half, so be prepared to study for the final (though if you improved on the final compared to the midterm, they'll drop the midterm mark for you). That said, Dr. Keenleyside does give a lot of practice material. The paper wasn't too bad and marked fairly; the online quizzes can be a little tricky - particularly the last 2. Overall, a pretty hard course compared to your usual MBG fare. Take it if you're interested in future research in bacterial molecular biology, but otherwise, not a course to take for fun or good marks.
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