ENGG * 4550 – VLSI Digital Design W (3-2) [0.50]

This course introduces the students to the analysis, synthesis and design of Very Large Scale integration (VLSI) digital circuits and implementing them in silicon. The topics of this course are presented at three levels of design abstraction. At device level: MOS diode; MOS (FET) transistor; interconnect wire. At circuit level: CMOS inverter; static CMOS gates (NAND, NOR); dynamic gates (NAND, NOR); static latches and registers; dynamic latches and registers; pipelining principles and circuit styles; BICMOS logic circuits. At system level; implementation strategies for digital ICs; interconnect at system level; timing issues in digital circuits (clock structures); the adder; the multiplier; the shifter; memory design and array structure; low power design circuits and architectures.

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