ENGG * 4420 – Real-time Systems Design F (3-3) [0.75]

Hard versus soft real-time systems. Real-time issues in computer architecture. Clocks and timing issues. Correctness and predictability. Structuring and describing real-time software. Clock Synchronization. Real-time objects and atomicity. Validation of timing constraints. Formal Real-time systems design and analysis techniques: process-based, event-based, and Petri Nets. Resource management and control. Real-time scheduling and task allocation (Uni-processor and Multi-processor). Design for dependability, reliability and fault tolerance. Real-time programming using ADA. Survey of Real-time operating systems. Scenarios of real-time systems.

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Posted On : December 22, 2016

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Professor : Muresan

Comment :
This course is tough. It is a 0.75 credits course and you\'ll need to spend at least that much time to get a decent mark unless you are a super genius. It seems like two different courses as the lecture material is quite different from the lab material. The lecture material is pretty dry but the midterms and final are decently easy (marked easy). The labs are mainly LabView and C-coding, where labview is a graphical programming language that is not taught at all. Labview diagrams will get very complex and hard to keep track of whats going on. Thorough report has to be written for each lab, marked fairly. 2 of the labs use a RTOS on a board and the other two just labview. The board is kind of annoying to work with and has a lot of random errors. For some reason or another, this course featured a lot of elements from the controls course (which isn\'t a prereq), so if youve taken it it\'ll be an advantage, if youre in co-op or havent taken it, youll be really confused. The lab manuals are very sloppy with vague guidelines and due dates from years ago (the labs in the future years will likely be exactly the same). It will tell you what to do, but with almost no explanation of how. Usually the labs will be just adding on to an existing labview model, but will still take long hours to complete. A good TA is key to the success in this course, there was only one when I took it which is not enough support. Much more in-lab support is needed. As a core course for CE and ESC, it needs a lot of improvements. Get ready to spend a lot of hours in the lab and look for smart group members.
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