ENGG * 4280 – Digital Process Control Design W (3-2) [0.75]

Design, analysis synthesis and simulation of process control and automation systems. Automation hardware, process compensation techniques and P.I.D. controllers, design and dynamics of final control elements, computer control and the microprocessor.

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Posted On : May 1, 2018

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Professor : Vale

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This course is quite scary to take in your final semester, its not for the faint of heart. Vague guidelines yet hard marking, really? Thats not how we should be taught in university. Take controls with Vale if you plan to take this course because if you dont, other profs will leave out important information that she will assume you will know. Tanks is simpler than the maglev, so the tanks are marked harder. Grammar and formatting is the key to doing well on the reports, rather than content. Use overleaf. Dont leave things until the last minute. 2nd \'Midterm\' in week 11. You dont get the 2nd midterm marks back which is unnacceptable. Final report due during exams. You never see the midterm or final report marks, (60%), just your final grade.
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