ENGG * 3650 – Hydrology F (3-1) [0.50]

Quantitative study of natural water circulation systems with emphasis on basic physical principles and interrelationships among major processes; characteristics of mass and energy; inputs to and output from watersheds; factors governing precipitation occurrence, evaporation rates, soil-water storage changes, groundwater recharge and discharge, run-off generation; methods of streamflow analysis; mathematical modeling.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : January 6, 2013

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
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Professor : Ramesh Rudra

Comment :
This course had a terrible breakdown. Professor Rudra is sweet and helpful, just not a very good teacher. His notes are long and tedious - especially to study for the quizzes which were worth minimal marks. The simulation assignment only worth 5% required students to learn an entire new program with minimal guidance from TAs and the professor. The exam was worth 40% (same as final exam) and you had to pass the midterm or final to pass the course. I think the midterm should have been worth less, and the simulation assignment should have been worth more to provide incentive for students to actually do it ..I myself didn't bother doing the 5% simulation as it was worth so little and required so much effort WHILE also being due the final week of school before exams when all other major term projects for other courses were due. On the bright side, I don't know if anyone who has actually failed the course due to the prof bell curving!
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