ENGG * 2340 – Kinematics and Dynamics W (3-3) [0.50]

The course will cover kinematic and dynamic analysis including graphical and analytical methods for kinematic analysis of space, and mechanisms and elementary body motion in space, static and dynamic force analyses of mechanisms, gyroscopic forces, dynamics of reciprocating and rotating machinery, cam and gear mechanisms and specifications. Vibration analysis will deal with free and forced vibration of underdamped lumped systems with multidegrees of freedom, analytical and numerical techniques of solution, viscous damping, vibrational isolation, vibration measurement and control.

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Posted On : April 29, 2015

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Professor : Fanta Defersha

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Textbook only used to copy assignment problems. Prof was really really hard to understand. He just goes on and on explaining derivation that you will never ever need, and hardly any practice examples in class. Make sure you do the assignments because as you do them you will understand everything and they will also help for the quizzes and sometimes he copies the same questions for the test/exam. You will probably need the solutions from older students tho, there\'s no way you\'ll figure it out alone. But once you understand the solutions, the course is actually very easy and basic.
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