EDRD * 4010 – Tourism Planning in the Less Developed World W (3-0) [0.50]

This course will provide a discussion and investigation of tourism from an interdisciplinary point of view. The subject of tourism development cuts across many disciplines and is fundamental to a variety of scholars and practitioners working in tourism and development generally. While a variety of important theories and planning practices from a variety of disciplines have been selected for study, planning and community development theory will provide the overarching perspective. The features of planning theories and models stress analysis and intervention into human and environmental systems. This perspective begins with the view that tourism is a complicated human construct and as such needs to be structured and guided in order to maximize the benefits to all stakeholders in the system. (Offered through Distance Education only.)

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Posted On : March 10, 2011

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If you need a 4000 elective you should be able to get through this course rather unscathed. There are weekly questions that you have to post discussions about, but very few quizzes/assignments which are easy enough. The only issue I have with this course is the current textbook which is rather dry and very hard to read through unless you are really interested in indepth tourism analysis.
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