ECON * 2650 – Introductory Development Economics F (3-0) [0.50]

This course introduces students to the economic experience of developing countries, the ways in which economists try to understand it, and the implications for policy. The basic tools of economic analysis as taught in the introductory courses are used to analyse topics that may include theories of growth, trade, education, foreign investment, exchange rates, labour markets, the role of government, environmental sustainability and strategies related to agriculture, population, industry and investment.

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When I took this course, there were two sections that were taught very differently. The one I was in was VERY easy, there were next to no economic models or equations and the prof was really funny. The other section had taken a very econ/math-based approach, while my class was more about case studies and theories. Same textbook but I think it just depends on the professor you end up with. Either way, the weekly labs outside of lectures are absolutely USELESS.
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