CIS * 3250 – Software Design III F (3-3) [0.50]

This course will examine the historical development of design methodologies and working with legacy systems. It will include an examination of programming paradigms and trends in software design from the past and present. The course has an applied focus and will involve software design and development experiences in teams, a literacy component, and the use of software development tools. (First offering – Fall 2011)

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Posted On : March 29, 2014

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Professor : David Calvert

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The lecture content isn't difficult. The main part of this course is working in a medium-sized team (7-8 people) to write design documents and create a piece of software based on your document. We had to create a UNIX shell in Python, for example. Success will vary based on your team. Make sure you understand the assignment fully (i.e. verify with your professor you're doing it right); most groups failed the first component of the assignment as they were unclear as to what a shell does.
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