CHEM * 3360 – Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology S,W (3-0) [0.50]

This course examines the chemistry of the natural environment and the influence of pollutants upon the environment. Topics will include methods of introduction of pollutants to, and removal of pollutants from, the environment. (Also listed as TOX*3360.) (Also offered in Distance Education format)

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : August 23, 2016

Is the textbook recommended by the student? Yes
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Professor : Stuttaford

Comment :
I took this course in DE format during summer 2016, and it consisted of 10 quizzes worth 20%, 2 discussion periods for 15%, 2 projects at 15% each, a group project worth 15%, and an online final exam worth 20%. I would recommend buying the textbook as that is where the quiz questions seemed to come from, and the final exam was just a longer quiz. The two individual projects were fine, but the group project was kind of time consuming at first with so many group members having to make collective decisions (however only worth 15% which was nice). When picking your group topic, I highly suggest picking one that can easily be divided into subtopics in the sense that if someone stops responding to emails or drops the course, you can just eliminate their section of the project and not have to do any extra work. Overall, I can\'t really say I enjoyed this course, but it seems to be a popular DE elective in the summer and for that I would say go for it!
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