CHEM * 2480 – Analytical Chemistry I S,F,W (3-3) [0.50]

This course consists of a lecture portion that is the same as CHEM*2400 and a 3 hour laboratory component.

Posted By : Anonmyous
Posted On : March 22, 2017

Is the textbook recommended by the student? Yes
Did the student enjoy the professor? No
Professor : Professor Kate Stuttaford

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Kate was by far the worst professor I have ever had in all of Guelph. Sucha money grab, makes you pay 10$ for the lab manual, 10$ for the lab notes, sappling learning 50$ and on top of that the textbook and lab notebook. She designed the course to literally screw you so hard. Offers no help sessions aside from her office hours, AND SHE IS NEVER THERE.... Midterm was 4 questions only an hour, and was designed to anally rape you. She offers no answers to any of the questions she posts and expects you as the student to figure it out. No previous midterms to help yourself with. Course content is not even that hard, she just makes it unbearable. There are no slides for the course, if you miss class consider yourself a piece of toast. This course is a prerequisite for many courses in biological sciences. Avoid Kate like the plague.
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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : February 13, 2011

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Best course of life. Enough said.
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Posted By : Michelle
Posted On : January 30, 2011

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This is a blank comment, who would do that?
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