CHEM * 2400 – Analytical Chemistry I S,F,W (3-6) [0.75]

This course provides instruction in quantitative analysis of important inorganic species in solution by volumetric, gravimetric and spectrophotometric techniques. The students will utilize spreadsheet applications to study solution equilibria and data analysis. This course is intended to build the foundations of good analytical laboratory practice.

Posted By : Noel
Posted On : January 11, 2011

Comment :
Stay ahead in the labs and its not too bad. Course work is mostly algebra but you need to memorize some complex formulae. The lab is actually pretty good cause you get a lot of real lab experience without having your hand held the whole way like in first year. Since you have lab 6 hours a week in a group of only like 14 ppl its a good way to meet other chem students.
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