BUS * 4230 – Advanced Management Accounting W (3-0) [0.50]

This course provides advanced coverage of management accounting concepts and the application of management accounting information for managerial decision-making. This course extends the concepts covered in intermediate management accounting and also integrates pertinent situational problems from other functional areas of enterprises such as global trade and process controls.

Posted By : Ahmed
Posted On : April 13, 2011

Comment :
This is a good course with a few interesting topics. Bob Murison is a great guy and brings to the table the ability to discuss real world applications. Just be careful regarding his expectations on assignment and midterms. Don't shy from asking him for some help or direction (although you may not always get what you're looking for). As anyone can tell you, he may not seem like he is always expecting much... until you get your marks back. While this wasn't necessarily true for myself, it was a popular opinion in class. Overall, I enjoyed this course. My only real complaint is that we should be provided with more practice questions.
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