BOT * 2000 – Plants, Biology and People W (3-0) [0.50]

The course deals with the biology of plant species of historical and cultural importance. It will focus on plants used as a source of drugs, herbal medicines, industrial raw materials, food products, perfumes and dyes. Examples of plant products that will be looked at include cocaine, chocolate, tea, opium, hemp and ginseng. The relevant morphology, physiology, distribution and ethnobotany of these plant species will be discussed. (Offered through Distance Education format only.) Department of Plant Agriculture.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : March 5, 2014

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Professor : Barry Shelp

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I do NOT recommend taking this course to anyone! The course consists of 2 assignments (25% each), 3 quizzes (20%) and a final(30%). The quizzes are reasonable if you read the textbook and online notes, the assignments are not! The 2 assignments are very time consuming (especially for a DE), very unclear, and unpractical. I know I was not the only student to feel this way as most of the discussion board consisted of confusion on what exactly the professor was looking for . His answers were usually short and not much help. Overall, the actual content of the course is interesting, but the course is unorganized and your better off just buying the textbook and reading it.
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