BIOL * 4410 – Field Ecology F (3-3) [0.75]

This is a 12-day field course held in Algonquin Park, Ontario, during August. Students independently conduct and write reports about 2 research projects of their choice and design (in consultation with faculty members), on any of: vertebrate, invertebrate, or plant ecology, and/or behaviour, in terrestrial or aquatic habitats. Emphasis is placed upon students asking ecological questions, designing experiments, and then collecting data from intensive field work. There are no formal lectures, but an organizational meeting is held in the winter semester prior to the field course. The charge by the field station for room and board will be passed on to the student. Students are also responsible for their own transportation to and from the field station. A departmental application form must be submitted for approval at least 4 weeks prior to the last day of course selection for the Summer semester, and the signature of the course coordinator will be required to select the course. This course must be recorded as part of your Fall course selection and tuition and compulsory fees will be calculated accordingly. Students taking this course DO NOT use course numbers reserved for Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology. Detailed information is available from the Department of Integrative Biology.

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