BIOL * 4150 – Wildlife Conservation and Management F (3-0) [0.50]

This course builds on previous courses in population and community ecology to evaluate the long-term dynamics of threatened populations in the context of human intervention. The course will also provide a ‘hands-on’ introduction to computer modeling, with application to contemporary issues in population ecology and resource management. Lectures will be drawn from the following topics: growth and regulation of populations, long-term persistence of ecological communities, harvesting, bio-economics, and habitat modification. Department of Integrative Biology.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : December 27, 2015

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Professor : Dr. Fryxell

Comment :
This course had so many mixed feelings from people (mostly because of the Prof.). I have noticed that Prof. Fryxell doesn\'t really like questions nor does he entertain any assignment base questions. He likes to clarify his material but that\'s basically it. There is coding involved and if you need help then the class forum is basically the only place to get help (none of the TA/Prof will offer help in this) The course overall was very easy and as long as you do readings and stay up with the assignments the midterm and exam were super easy (i got above 85% on both midterms) Best part : there are 3 evaluations in total (2 midterms worth 33% each and assignments worth 33%) or you can do the Final exam in place of one of the midterms (33%) can choose ! :) Not a bad course, just have to understand the material in class while he\'s teaching you :)
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