BIOL * 3300 – Applied Bioinformatics W (3-2) [0.50]

New molecular genetic and information technologies have enabled biologists to produce and to access large and informative data sets. This course will provide an introductory understanding of the databases and methods used in computational molecular data analysis. Topics covered will include introducing the UNIX-related operating system, reviewing major molecular databases and their structures, constructing sequence alignments, constructing phylogenies, and finding motifs and genes in biological sequences. Lab sessions will include an introduction to Unix and Perl for the biologist and hands-on use of several molecular data analysis programs. Department of Plant Agriculture.

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Posted On : April 14, 2012

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Professor : Dr. Lewis Lukens

Comment :
This course was fairly easy and rewarding. There are 2 quizzes (34%), 11 "Lab" Assignments (15%) (if you complete them, and get everything wrong you still get the marks, it is a completion mark), 10 minute presentation and review of a paper (17% -- really easy) and a 34% Final. This course provides you with skills that will be very valuable in job hunting and setting you apart from the other applicants (i.e. BLAST, MEGA, CLUSTYL etc.) The only drawback is he writes everything on the board and can be very disorganized at times. Overall, I recommend any MBG, MCB, MICR major should take this course.
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