ANSC * 4130 – Reproductive Management and Technology W (3-3) [0.50]

The topics covered in this course relate to the management of reproductive events at the farm level in the major classes of domestic livestock. The course also provides an introduction to modern and emerging reproductive technologies as these relate to livestock propagation.

Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : May 29, 2012

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Professor : Professor Laura Graham

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She's a great professor, doesn't smile much (although when she did make a joke or two and smiled, it made me pretty happy) but she is interesting and very knowledgeable on the subject. Advice: GO TO CLASS! There isn't much on the slides which, in a way, is good, because it forces you to take a lot of notes and to pay attention, but then again, those who don't go to class much would do very poorly on the examinations. What is on the slides is very important and did show up on the exams. There was a presentation as well. Groups were chosen at random but the group gets to choose the species that they want to present. Each group had to make a list of questions from the material on their presentation (pretty simple, straight-forward questions). She printed most of those questions on the final exam so that probably gave people good grades (certainly did for me). Overall, if you are a serious student who goes to class and writes notes then this is a good course to take. If you don't go to class often and rely on professors' notes a lot, then don't take this course, unless you're a genius and already know everything about the reproduction of animals and Reproductive management and technology.
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